Elena questioned the health of Anastasia Volochkova

Елена Ваенга усомнилась в здоровье  Анастасии Волочковой

Speaking of twine Anastasia Volochkova without undue modesty and embarrassment, you can add “legendary”.

Stretching your ballerina shows everywhere: be it rehearsal space or a sandy beach, stern or even the roof of the limo. In the Network appeared a lot of jokes about it. Could not resist to make fun of the actress and singer Elena Vaenga.

On the page in microblog on Instagram, the singer of the hit “Again I stand alone” published a picture in which a half-naked man sitting on the hood of the car and tries to demonstrate the same flexibility that the famous dancer. “The answer Volochkova”, — has signed a frame Elena.

Елена Ваенга усомнилась в здоровье  Анастасии Волочковой

Comments on this publication not long to wait. Under the turned real disputes about what is permissible and what not to do Anastasia. Many stood up for Volochkova, noting that the form and success of many should be jealous, others believe that the dancer is close to the diseases of mental character.

The same opinion was also Elena: “I’m happy that is not “made up” volochkovskaya of schizophrenia… I’m sorry, but she long ago … freaked out… a singing that is… and to push the legs should be on the ballet… and not everywhere where only it is possible to take a picture… that people and stebetsya… out in the open thousands, Paarden, but it’s true))”.

Yet a caustic review of Elena remained unanswered Anastasia.