Elena Proklova told why three years did not communicate with her daughter

Елена Проклова рассказала, почему три года не общалась с дочерью
Conflict with Arina, the daughter of the actress from the first marriage happened when she was 20 years old.

With the eldest daughter

Photo: personal archive Elena Proklova

His eldest daughter Arina Elena Proklova gave birth at 18. Married the actress came out as she admits, “foolishly”. “Just my brother got married, I saw these preparations, the wedding dress of his bride, — says Elena. And imagination drew a picture: I am beautiful, in white dress, next to a handsome man in black suit. The case was for small — to find the groom. I did not go far. Went to a friend of my brother Vitaly Melik-Karamov and it is literally offered to marry me. And he gave me signs of attention. In General, one day played two weddings. I was seventeen, and my parents even had to write a marriage license. So I received my wedding that I wanted. The problem is that Vitalik’s desire was much more serious — he wanted a family and children. And the child asked me insistently. I gave up: “okay!”

When Arina was born, Proklova was not a child — she studied at the acting and all her thoughts were on the stage. The daughter was raised by grandparents. They believed that Elena daughter left and, often, on this basis, there were conflicts that took place in the eyes of a little girl. It could not impose a mark on the relationship between the mother and daughter. And when Arina became an adult, their relationship went wrong. Here’s how Proklova says about this time:

“The conflict with Arina occurred on the same soil, and with their parents. We broke the relationship with her for three years after she issued an ultimatum began to tell me that I have to do for her. She was twenty years old, she is already married, and I had her apartment and something else. I said, “so I paid you Institute. But as soon as you have gone out of it, my obligations to you ended. Everything is based only on whether I want something for you to do or not. I want you should be more respectful to me to treat”. It was a conflict. But then I realized that she is not taught to live differently, and it’s my fault, not hers. Arina grew up with the feeling that she’s a poor abandoned child. Although, I’m sure it would be different if my parents keep her inspired. It’s such a family drasha, which, thank God, are gone. We now have with Arina a great relationship. Days will go to visit her”.

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