Елена Проклова задумалась о возможности снова стать мамой

A few days ago, Elena Proklova became the guest of the program “Let them talk”. The actress was invited to broadcast as an expert and, together with his colleagues took part in the discussion show “Mom aged grandmother.” Specifically, the air discussed the birth of children by people in a later age, i.e. after 50 years.

Who it was against, someone played for, but to ignore the interest of Helen in this thread was impossible. Present in the hall experts in the field of late childbearing insisted that there is nothing difficult and scary in the process. When Elena turned to him, the question of how actually being a mom again after 60 years, the experts said that all things are possible.

“I will come to you”, — have completed this short conversation Proklova, smiling. How seriously the actress said, hard to say, because no additional comments about it she then gave.

We will remind, Elena Proklova is a mom of two daughters — Polina and Arina.

In defense of late motherhood say that Alla Pugacheva has also decided to give birth to children when she was over 60 and now she is overjoyed at her angels.