Elena Proklova refuses to live without her husband after a divorce

Елена Проклова отказывается жить без мужа после развода Famous actress and TV presenter became a member of the “Secret” one million, where she talked about how her relationship with her ex-husband Andrey Tishin. The actress said that it is not moved from the wife in a separate apartment, and continues to live with him in the same house.

      Елена Проклова отказывается жить без мужа после развода

      Elena Proklova has lived in marriage with biznesmenom Andrei Troshinym a little more than 30 years. Last year the couple divorced, but their story is not over. During the program “the Secret million dollar” celebrity admitted that he continues to consider the former third wife of her husband, because in the ninth year of relationship they got married. This, according to Proklova, suggests that they remained faithful to each other, despite the fact that legally they have nothing in common.

      Elena Proklova returned to her husband

      The actress tried as gently as possible to disclose sensitive story. For leading Lera Kudryavtseva has become a big mystery, who have former spouses to each other. Proklova reported that all is in intimacy with Andrew, which suggests that they continue to maintain cordial relations. It should be noted that in the period of marriage between the lovers Helena had conflicts, which eventually became the reason that the couple broke up. However, this does not prevent them from living in the same house. They each have their own floor with all amenities, separate bedrooms and even refrigerators. They don’t cook each other Breakfast, but happy to plan joint leisure and rest.

      “Andrey Trishin according to Church order, is my husband. We continue to live together. We don’t want to live in different houses, we want to have dinner together to shovel snow in the morning to drink coffee, discuss the news. But before that, we had to survive, to dorsodynia,” said Elena Proklova in the program.
      Елена Проклова отказывается жить без мужа после развода

      The star revealed that the cause of divorce has become commonplace quarrel amid the passions of Proklova. She loved to collect beautiful bottles of wine. At some point Andrei is enraged, and he pounced on Elena with the charges. This, according to the artist, was the last straw, so the next day she filed for divorce. The marriage of the spouses is cracked at the seams, but, nevertheless, they stay together and enjoy being around each other. Proklova told that now is in immense excitement from each encounter with her ex-husband, she thinks about how she looks today and what better to wear. For her, this format of relations was a new level of relationship with Troshinym, a reincarnation of old feelings to the new one.

      “I’m sure he loves me. Now he meets me with a bouquet of color. It turns out to do something, do not have to have a stamp in the passport. Our relationship became much better, he’s very interesting in all matters. We’re lovers, we live together, because I want it. I understand that he may start life anew, and he claims that he did not need, it suits all,” said the actress Lera Kudryavtseva.
      Елена Проклова отказывается жить без мужа после развода

      The couple divorced quite peacefully, because between them was a marriage contract by which each of them passed real estate. Currently, the couple lives Elena, because in her country mansion they developed their relationship over the past ten years. Proklova does not hide that this whole situation may seem strange, but it do not bother, because they are with Andrew has been through a lot. Elena with tears in their eyes recalled how the then young husband said that he wants to get away from Proklova because fell in love with 17-year-old girl. The artist is almost oputils hands, but Andrew changed his views, tried to return to his wife, and she accepted it.

      It is worth noting that the couple has always been known for joint trips to Africa, where the husband of a celebrity hunted. Even now, being divorced, they are going to go on a trip together. Elena is not a fan of hunting, but it attracts how Trishin skillfully cope with the tasks, it’s description star looks in those minutes, very bravely, that she almost falls in love with him again. Moreover, a woman does not exclude the possibility to be inflamed with feelings, when they soon again will go to the African continent.

      “I always admired him on these hunts, because he was the best, he was the most witty, he was handsome, strong, generous. I fell in love with him every time. Now again we go, and I feel that again will fall in love with him”, – said the actress in the program.

      At the end of the topic Elena Proklova added that to meet with her ex-husband for her interesting, intriguing, but more responsibly. She hoped that this attitude will only play into their hands and help to get to know each other better, despite 30 years of marriage. It is important to say that at the end of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva suggested Elena to answer the main question that was in the envelope. After reading it, Proklova became hysterical. She did not voice what was written on a sheet of paper, and chose to burn it to the envelope. Elena’s husband Polovoy said that their divorce was bogus