Elena Proklova is trying to distance itself from the trial with her husband

Елена Проклова пытается откреститься от судебного разбирательства с мужем The actress insists that no claim she had not filed. For several years Elena Proklova lives in the same house with her husband, with whom they are not together.
Елена Проклова пытается откреститься от судебного разбирательства с мужем

Actress Elena Proklova is divorced with her husband Andrei Troshinym. The couple divorced in 2015 year, but so far the former husband and wife live in the same area – in a country house in the suburbs. The artist is not once argued why she likes to be.

“Andrey Trishin according to Church order, is my husband. We continue to live together. We don’t want to live in different houses, we want to have dinner together to shovel snow in the morning to drink coffee, discuss the news. But before that, we had to survive, to dorsodynia,” admitted Proklova.

However, in April on the website of Mytishchi city court appeared the claim of Helen to her husband Andrew Trishina. Journalists contacted Proklova to clarify the situation.

“It is all false information, I do not know who distribute it! I have not filed in court and more on this issue, never bother me!” – said Elena.
Елена Проклова пытается откреститься от судебного разбирательства с мужем

Earlier, the movie star admitted that they have troshinym by a marriage contract. According to this document, the ex-spouse belongs to a small Guesthouse. But Proklova allows him to live in the next room. As said ex-wife, they even have one refrigerator.

“This house is on my contract, but Andrey continued to live here. We live in different rooms. Husband doesn’t want to leave the house, put one’s heart and soul. But I don’t mind” – shared Elena in an interview.

The journalists decided to contact close friends Proklova. The wife of actor Boris Shcherbakov, Tatyana Bronze believes that Elena is only attracted the attention of the public committing such acts.

“If Andrew really is not inferior to her house, then Lena did the right thing suing. But I do about this court is not known. In my opinion, is the next stage of the game. Lena just wanted to remind myself. She loves the publicity. It’s all PR, nothing more. Husband Lena did not like her, he doesn’t need any publicity. He is hard-working, business man. When they built this house, Lena, in that period practically did not work, took care of our family. The house earned it. Andrew Lena always loved. But that has changed. What man does not change?! But she forgave, and they’re back together,” – said the Bronze “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.