Elena Proklova is going to organize an exhibition of their own icons

Елена Проклова собирается организовать выставку собственных икон Star mastering a new craft. Elena Proklova has managed to write more than 20 images. A woman is planning to submit work to the General public. The actress has shared with “StarHit” the details of a hobby.
Елена Проклова собирается организовать выставку собственных икон

The actress has written more than 20 images, most of them gave away to family and friends. Unusual hobby came from Proklova four years ago. “Once on the filming of the program “Malakhov +” I was approached by a woman and was given a painting – the white angel on a black background, – said Elena with “StarHit”. – She told me that she never was interested in painting, but one night woke up with an overwhelming desire to draw. Since the beginning to portray angels everywhere – on canvas, clothes, dishes… I heard her and I also began to see angels in different ways, but most often in children. I wanted to transfer them to canvas.”

Elena was eager to learn how to draw, chose the direction of the icon. “In the center “Russian icon – the 21 century” I worked for two years – continues the star. – Turns out each rim on the canvas must be done according to the canons.

Now you know how to tighten the Board with a cloth to RUB paint with the egg, right to mix them. Teachers praised me, but one once said: “Elena, your icons, everything is fine, but drawing, you’re always in a hurry.” He’s right: I often sit behind the canvas before the show, so it’s time for… Wait, when you can devote himself entirely to his hobby. Perhaps in the future will begin to sell their work. While this need not. But the exhibition is happy to organize: I want people to come, found his angel and taken home, where he will protect them from harm”.

Recall that over the entire life of Elena Proklova’s had a lot of suffering. The artist is faced with serious shocks. The woman told me that she had several times to have abortions. At the moment the woman lives in the same house with your ex-spouse Andrey Troshinym.

“We want to have dinner together to shovel snow in the morning to drink coffee, discuss the news. But before that, we had to survive, to dorsodynia”, – explained the actress in one of TV programs.