Елена Проклова подала в суд на бывшего мужа
The actress wants to divide the property.

Elena Proklova with her husband Andrew

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Elena Proklova asked the court to divide the property with her ex-husband, with whom she lived for 30 years. The actress and businessman Andrey Trishin decided to divorce in 2015. About this star told in a candid interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”:

“We with Andrey it came time to leave. He still will have a family, children. He’s a young man, only fifty. Wishing there’s a million! I can wish him only happiness, because he is a good man, and the fact that we had such… Well, uninteresting together. Apart better.”

For some time Helen and Andrew even continued to live in the same house but on different floors. Later Proklova filed in court for division of property, and then withdrew the application. The star had hope that they will be able to negotiate that. The reason was suddenly developed relationships ex-spouses.

“Sometimes I think we still need each other, that difficulty will survive and we have a long happy life. I don’t know…” — shared his doubts Elena Igorevna.

But something went wrong. Now, three years later, the actress has again filed a lawsuit in the court of the place of residence in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi. But this time reviews Proklova does not. Apparently, Trishin has not fulfilled its obligations under the concluded once the marriage contract in which Elena Igorevna moved to a house that her ex-husband two small, according to “KP”.