Elena Proklova divide the property with her ex-husband in court

Елена Проклова делит имущество с бывшим мужем через суд The actress claims that have no quarrel with the ex-spouse. In April, a lawsuit was Elena Proklova to Andrew Trishina. In may be held the first hearing on the case. Dispute Proklova and triscina was a house in Mytishchi.
Елена Проклова делит имущество с бывшим мужем через суд

64-year-old Elena Proklova is going to divide the property with her ex-husband Andrey Troshinym. The couple divorced in 2015 after thirty years together. Despite the fact that the couple broke up, they continued to live under the same roof. In interviews Proklova she said she felt quite comfortable this way of existence. In this regard, some fans of Helena was suggested that she could still get back together with her ex-husband. But a recent lawsuit Proklova proved otherwise.

Famous actress asks for her to admit ownership of the house in the village of Zhostovo in Mytishchi. About it journalists were reported by the press service of the Moscow regional court. Sued by ex-husband of actress Andrey Trishin. The case Proklova scheduled for may. The eleventh to be held a preliminary meeting.

It is possible that the ex-husband of Elena Proklova refused to divide the property in a judicial order. Whether this is so, is not known. He Trishin has not commented on the upcoming hearing.

Елена Проклова делит имущество с бывшим мужем через суд

Back in November of last year, Elena Proklova said she separated from her husband without reproaches and complaints. Despite the breakup, the actress and her ex-husband has been able to maintain a good relationship. Proklova had hoped that will continue to help Trishina. However, the star noted that is preparing for the upcoming division of property, which she called “painful” and “unpleasant”. Elena was afraid to start the procedure.

After the divorce Trishin and Proklova together kept the house. The actress was making preparations for the winter from the products delivered to the house ex-husband. Elena said she stocked the fridge with meat, meat for roasting, sauerkraut and namorozila berries.

We will remind that Elena and Andrey Polovoj triscina have a daughter Pauline who was born in 1994. She was the second child of the actress, which by that time was the successor of Arina from documentary filmmaker Vitaly Melik-Karamova. Speaking about the reasons of divorce and Tresini, Proklova who said that their marriage is completely exhausted. The actress confessed that they with Andrew can not get along because of different interests.

Now Proklova still insists that no quarrel with her ex-husband. The actress declined to comment about the lawsuits from the cottage. “No, we’re peaceful and calm,” said Helen, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.