Елена Проклова считает, что после развода отношения с бывшим мужем улучшились
The actress admits divorce has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the family.

Елена Проклова считает, что после развода отношения с бывшим мужем улучшились

Elena Proklova with her husband Andrew

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Elena Proklova, a year ago survived a divorce with her husband Andrew, has expressed hope that he still has another family and kids. But as a result of the breakup never happened. Helen and Andrew still live together as husband and wife. And even planning a vacation together. So, the divorce was a mistake?

“In any case, —says the actress. — Divorce was not a mistake because our relationship with Andrew after it became much better. That’s how it is!.. Probably, at the time, we just handled each other and say: you owe me — you owe me. It seems that we gave each other freedom in everything, but in his heart, every thought that told him something nedodayut. I got divorced not because I don’t like Andrew, but because the relationship has stalled. When I told him about divorce, he answered: “Yes, it’s probably the right decision… I don’t want to…” But I insisted: “I don’t want to continue to live”. The woman to defend her independence and the right to life is very difficult, especially with such a macho man like Andrew. And now we do not need each other. Two completely free and independent person! We are together, when they want. And when you do not want disagree. And our life became happy.”

The daughter of actress Pauline also believes that the test, which took place in their family, the result is a beneficial impact on the relationship between mom and dad.

“Parents, as far as I remember, was a very complex relationship. They lived restless: constantly fighting, arguing, screaming. I have always been between two fires and was very worried. Ignore did not work. When your family are on a wave, for such emotions, you just don’t know them. And in childhood this is very scary: how is a parent with whom we had Breakfast, Milo laughed and talked the evening yelling that we beat and run around the house?! Most unpleasant was the moment when mum or dad in your conflict appealed to me as a judge: “Pauline, do you think, who is right?” And since I always supported his mom, saying that she had a point, although not always thought so. And dad each time hoping that I ever take his side. But I never doubted that the parents would be together. My favorite saying about mom and dad: mad love is quick, and the love of two crazy — ever. I think they are just too bright individuality to live in peace. But they are happy.”

Now Elena and Andrew (an avid fan of hunting) are going to go to Africa on Safari. Although, according to her, Proklova have said many times to her husband: “I don’t want your hunt! As you do not want on the sea, so I don’t want your hunt.” “And he says “Nothing, be patient, as always suffered. For me, Africa no you don’t exist”, — says Elena. And I’m going with him. Want him to be good”…

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Elena Proklova

Photo: Philip Goncharov