Elena Presnyakov tormented by guilt because of the illness of her husband

Елену Преснякову терзает чувство вины из-за болезни мужа
The wife of Vladimir Presnyakov are unable to help your favorite.

Vladimir and Elena Presnakova

Photo: the frame of the program “Alone with all”

In late April, Vladimir Presnyakov, Sr., was urgently admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. After the treatment, the condition of the singer is stabilized. To him in the hospital often comes son Vladimir and his wife Natalia Podolsky. A married couple sometimes takes the son of Artemis, who Presnyakov-senior loves. Communicating with two year old grandson helps him to rehabilitate faster. But his wife Elena never appeared on the doorstep of the hospital…

According to the media, Elena couldn’t come to my husband neither on the day of hospitalization or after. As it turned out, Presnyakov all this time “traveled” around the world on tour, to cancel that was impossible. 71-year-old actress was very worried for his beloved and even earned a stress-related insomnia.

“When everything happened with Jackson, I was in Israel, we are waiting for Magadan. I am just on a long-planned tour. If it were some concerts, it was still possible to cancel, but, no. I had been thinking that I need to find a twin to me sometimes replaced. My condition now is not to pass. I did not sleep, was nervous. It’s hard when you’re away and know nothing”, — quotes Elena Sobesednik.ru.

However, now, fortunately, not to worry had no reason to. Recently, the health Presnyakov-the senior was discussed at established the Council of physicians, which gave a favorable prognosis.