Елена Преснякова потеряла сон, переживая за здоровье мужа Spouse Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior, who recently suffered a heart attack, worried for her husband. Even more her condition is compounded by the fact that in such a difficult moment, she can’t be with the one you love.
Елена Преснякова потеряла сон, переживая за здоровье мужа

At the end of April it became known that Vladimir Prusakov senior urgently hospitalized. The musician suffered a heart attack and was treated in one of the cardiac centres of the capital. Representatives of the artist within a few days reassured fans, telling the press that the life of Vladimir Petrovich is out of danger, doctors were able to stabilize him.

All this time the health Presnyakov-the senior most of all worried of course family. However, as it turned out, the closest person, his wife Elena, was away when her beloved husband was sick.

“I’m not in Moscow. When everything happened with Jackson, I was in Israel, we are waiting for Magadan. Are on a long-planned tour. If it were some concerts, it was still possible to cancel, but, no. I had been thinking that I need to find a twin to it sometimes I’ve been replaced”, – said Elena Presnyakov.

Vladimir Presnyakov senior got in touch with the fans as I could and reassured the fans, assuring that he was alive and almost healthy. And with his characteristic humor, told about his condition.

Елена Преснякова потеряла сон, переживая за здоровье мужа “My dear friends and girlfriends! It so happened that I had a heart attack! Well, what happened happened, and now the lovely doctors did everything necessary and I much better! I am very touched by your very warm attitude to me and your well wishes! But believe me, it became hard to read hundreds and hundreds of your letters and I read them… I called many journalists with mournful voices, I guess many will disappointed to hear my cheerful voice… Anticipating their essays on the free theme… willing to read only one, with delicate alias Gubkin… Life goes on, my dear, and I her party! With love to all of you! Your Petrovich!” – said the musician.

Later representatives of the musician have officially confirmed that Petrovich is better and he is on the mend. Elena was also aware, though desperately worried. She even lost sleep.

Vladimir and Elena together more than 50 years, among the pairs of artistic the couple Presnyakovy – role model and perfect standard of a real relationship, a perfect marriage. They are together all the time, and even though I work long time in different teams seem absolutely inseparable. But in fact, they often have to leave. Although in General, they were used to their nomadic touring life and despite the age of 72 Vladimir and Elena – 71 – continue to travel a lot, it is now increasingly difficult to leave. Especially when it comes to health.

“My condition now is not to pass. I did not sleep, was nervous. It’s hard when you’re far away and don’t know anything. Near the Petrovich these days often was our son Dylan with his wife Natasha Podolsky and grandson Temko. But I think that still should always be next to me! Thank God, all they say that everything is normal, was the Council, which said that with Petrovich is all right” – said Elena Presnyakov sobesednik.ru.