Елена Соловей: жизнь на чужбине ради благополучия семьи Today, the outstanding Soviet actress was 71. We know Elena Yakovlevna for her incredibly moving performance in the film “Slave of love”, “But you never dreamed of…”, “Once lied”. Today the Nightingale shines on the stage. However, Russian audience can’t just buy a ticket and see your favorite actress: Helena talent available only to Americans and Canadians.
Елена Соловей: жизнь на чужбине ради благополучия семьи

Elena Solovey was born in Germany, in the city of Neustrelitz, although in the passport the place of birth of girls is always to appear in Moscow. This family is another example of how after the war people found love. Her parents met in Berlin, mother was helping the wounded as a nurse and dad was a gunner on the front. When little Lena was three, the family had ten years to go to Krasnoyarsk, where he was born the younger brother of Elena – Volodya. After Krasnoyarsk the family were waiting, and all this time the girl dreamed of becoming an actress.

Since childhood, Lena was a very creative child. She not only visited various school clubs, where he developed his acting talent, but also studied at the music school. As soon as rang the “last bell”, the girl immediately ran to enter the school-Studio of MKHAT – towards his childhood dream. However, luck turned away from Lena, and a future star of the TV screens did not pass the competition. However, that was not for girls end of the world: the girl began to teach singing in school. The following year persistence won, and children’s dream began step by step to become a reality. Lena became a student of VGIK.

From the first year of Elena is regularly called to the set, and after graduation was offered to play in a Small theatre. But at the same time other goals, other priorities. Elena found love in the person of the artist-designer – Yury Pugach. He soon became her husband. And after his love actress went to Leningrad.

“Now personally I do not confuse his acting life and his personal. For me the actor’s life ends in the theater, film, and so I don’t treat their heroines like yourself. It is some other women, that I am very interested, but they live their lives, regardless of my, after I played these roles. My role in this film ended, and my life continues. And this is my happiness” – says Elena Yakovlevna.
Елена Соловей: жизнь на чужбине ради благополучия семьи

Career was going uphill, Elena Y. was playing in the theater and in the movies. The star family also continued to grow: first born daughter Irene, then she had a little brother Pasha…

And then crept the 80s and 90s- unstable and somewhat dangerous. Was not only afraid to live, but hard to survive. Family councils were talking about moving. Not just to another city, and abroad: in America, was the sister of Yuri, who had offered to follow her example. At the time of the fateful decision, in 1991, children have grown up: Irene was 19, she had become a mother, and Paul was 15. The choice in favor of emigration was given to the family it is difficult, however, for the safety and well-being of their children and granddaughter Elena Solovey was ready for anything. The actress left her career in the homeland and flew away with their entire extended family on another continent.

Елена Соловей: жизнь на чужбине ради благополучия семьи“I knew a happy phase of my life as an actress, which was a success, the applause, the recognition of the fans, ended. The profession is likely to have to say goodbye. But not grieved about it,” immersed in memories of Nightingale.
Елена Соловей: жизнь на чужбине ради благополучия семьи

The documents for the next move were assembled quickly, the familiar rather calmly reacted to such news. But life in America was not so simple. Initially help Fund the new arrivals were allocated the family a small sum of money, which was enough to rent a small house in a suburb of new York. So began life with a clean slate. Elena, of course, ceased to recognize the streets. This state of Affairs means only one thing: I needed urgently to rebuild than the whole family and started to perform. Elena’s husband found a job as a designer in a jewelry company, the actress has become a simple housewife, but with a wealth of acting in the past.

The eldest daughter Irina also started finding himself in a foreign country: he worked as a salesman, a Secretary in a law office, I simultaneously attended College. The girl wanted to become a model, but this required money, which was not. The choice was made in favor of higher education. And it is at the biological faculty Irina got acquainted with a young man from St. Petersburg, which soon became the son-in-law of Helen and George. After completing his education, the young family settled in California. Elena Yakovlevna had another granddaughter. In America Irina was short-lived: her husband and children, they went to Germany, where the couple continued to conduct scientific activities.

As for the youngest son of Helen and George, Paul graduated from the American school and University, he defended his thesis and married a classmate-the immigrant. Now they live in Canada.

…Elena Nightingale, in spite of everything, has not forgotten his childhood dream. When the opportunity to play in the Russian theater, it is not refused. Moreover, it increasingly began to call for small roles in movies and TV series, including “the Sopranos”. Well, so Elena Y. carried out all their major life plans.

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