Елена Максимова ответила на оскорбление экс-возлюбленного The star of the show “the Voice” and “Just exactly” spoke about relations with fellow singer Evgeny Kungurova. The artists have recorded songs together, but after some time, their collaboration ceased. Maximov told about the novel the Kungurova and shed light on the reasons why he left the family.

      Елена Максимова ответила на оскорбление экс-возлюбленного

      Singer Elena Maximova many viewers remembered as one of the brightest stars of “the Voice” and “hair-breadth”. After the duet artist with Evgeny Kungurova there were rumors about the novel celebrities, but they kept silent and chose not to comment on this topic. In an interview Kungurov first told about the affair to his wife, actress Natalia Troitskaya. After the man had an affair on the side, his marriage broke up. Eugene told reporters that repents before the ex-wife, and his mistress was the only litmus test that exposed the problems in the relationship with Natalia.

      In a recent interview Elena Maksimova gave to understand that the words of a former lover had insulted her.

      “Jack in an interview, without specifying my name, called me a “litmus test”. Thank you, not a piece of toilet paper. Maybe he’s hurt and sad and he apologizes to his wife for treason. But he humiliated not only me but also ex-wife, saying that he outgrew her. I can’t date a married man, so said to the Wife: “Define”. But this is only the first step to relationship began honestly. And then we had to do more steps. Jack did not do them… In the marriage of Eugene and Natalia Troitskaya, I did not intervene. Why am I seducing him? Maybe I ran from him without looking back,” said Maximov.

      Recall that the young woman has daughter Diana from marriage with Vadim and Getline, the current head of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol”. The girl’s father pays a Helena child support for the child. The actress and her heiress rented accommodation. In his interview with Maximova repeatedly talked about the fact that dreams of their own property. To this end, the singer once invested in an apartment in the village of Gorki-10, which now stands without repair. Elena thinks to sell it and buy an apartment in Moscow.

      Maksimova also told reporters about his personal life. At the moment the heart of the artist is not free. Elect Elena musician, with whom she worked for many years. The singer wants to celebrate New year together with your partner. Plans Maximova and her favorite party in Paris, to be held on December 31, reports the words of the singer “Express newspaper”.