Elena Malysheva saved the life of Nikolai Drozdov

Елена Малышева спасла жизнь Николаю Дроздову Famous zoologist seriously injured from a snake bite. Elena Malysheva at the time I managed to detect violations of health Nikolai Drozdov, which he did not attach any importance. Dr. Phil was able to take emergency action to avoid the worst.
Елена Малышева спасла жизнь Николаю Дроздову

20 Jun famous scientist-zoologist, presenter of the popular program “In fauna” Nikolay Drozdov will be 80 years old. In honor of this date, the First channel made a film about the master of domestic television “Nikolay Drozdov. Six mongooses, seven cobras and one polycarpio”. The picture was aired on Saturday, June 17. Stanislav Sadalsky told about the state Drozdov after the accident

The film consists of an interview with Nikolay Drozdov and his colleagues. She remembered his rich biography, talked about research activities, his work as presenter of the program “animal world”, showed archival footage from the participation of Nikolai Drozdov in the project of the First channel “Last hero”.

Nicholas is known not only for his love for all living things, but absolute fearlessness. Special passion Nikolai Drozdov fed to the snakes, especially poisonous. What the bastards don’t bite!

Елена Малышева спасла жизнь Николаю Дроздову

Who knows what would have ended up with one of those stories with a bite, if after some time after meeting with a snake, the famous zoologist did not cross paths with Phil Elena Malysheva. Elena Drozdov actually saved lives. However, she humbly appreciates his action, believing that he did so, as befits a person of her profession.

Елена Малышева спасла жизнь Николаю Дроздову“Actually, I’m Nicholas from nothing saved, – says Elena Malysheva in the film. Just meet him at one of the events of the First channel, I saw that he in fact, the whole hand black. It was clear that this necrosis. And it was necessary urgently to undertake something. We urgently called “ambulance” and sent Nicholas and the Institute Sklifasovskogo. That’s where it exactly saved”.
Елена Малышева спасла жизнь Николаю Дроздову

Only once Nikolai Drozdov allowed himself the mistreatment of animals. It was in 1975, when the scientist was a consultant on the filming of a joint Soviet-Indian film “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”. He hit with a stick, the crocodile, the beast was already preparing to grab the leg of an unwary operator. By the way, since filming Nicholas brought home six seven mongooses and cobras – reshoots took place in Moscow. “Wife Tatiana escaped from the cottage,doing all the summer garden, and I was guarding the house pet,” the laughing thrush. Actually, Tatyana Petrovna, as her star husband, just loved animals and never objected even against their apartment lived a snake.