Елена Малышева спасла сына от болезни The presenter time to put the correct diagnosis. If young Elena Malysheva has not shown such attention to a crying baby, this could result in serious consequences.

      Елена Малышева спасла сына от болезни

      Presenter of “Live healthy!” and “Health” with “the First channel Elena Malysheva produces six hour broadcasts a week. Surprised with such a load Obraztsova manage to be an exemplary wife and mother. Few people know that behind the external well-being there is the huge work and patience.

      In the early 90s, Malyshev worked as a regular doctor and huddled with her husband, a scientist and two children in a tiny room in a Dorm, how many visitors at that time. The money is barely enough to buy food shelves in stores were empty, but a future star did not give up. However, once the nerves were on a limit…

      “Lena and I met in childhood in his native Kemerovo, recalls a friend Malysheva Olga Barbarash, the Director of Kemerovo cardiology centre. He studied in the same class. We shared a love of singing (and went to music school), the desire “to do everything early, surround yourself with interesting and active people. The motto “Live healthy!” accompanied us always. No wonder this phrase can be heard today on “the First channel”.

      Elena Malyshev told about the family tragedy

      “We with Lena have always been fun. Laughed with or without cause. Together, they went to medical school at the medical faculty, and after graduation went to conquer Moscow, where they had to defend their place under the sun. Our “rose colored glasses” slightly darkened. And if I have a household problem was solved – for the residents were allocated a room in a hostel, Lena was tough. My mom has long sought housing apartments were either far from the metro, or the rent was unaffordable. In the end, Lena took a room with a view on the Vagankovsky cemetery.
      Елена Малышева спасла сына от болезни

      I worked in cardiology, and she enrolled in graduate school at the Institute of General pathology and pathophysiology RAMS. The lab it was headed by an outstanding scientist Felix Meerson. A couple of years to come the graduate of the Tomsk medical Institute Igor Malyshev. His candidacy Felix Zalmanovich was recommended by my mother Nina, also a doctor. She unwittingly acted as a Cupid. Soon Lena and Igor got married and got a room in a hostel near the metro station “Sokol”. A thesis she defended, being on the last month of pregnancy.

      After the birth Urza spun and spun like a top. Igor worked, and the whole household rested on her shoulders. For example, in Kemerovo Lena rarely worked in the kitchen, and then began to buy books on housekeeping, to disappear at the plate, has become a cooking guru. A few months after the birth of our first son Lena decided to throw a party and invited guests.

      Domestic problems were not reflected on her desire to communicate. Remember the long dark corridor, communal bathroom with shabby plaster. When I got to the room Malashevich, I was pleasantly surprised. A nice tablecloth, an interesting table setting and tartlets of puff pastry with different fillings. In the 90 years it was possible to see only in magazines. “Is it all did she? – I thought. – That’s change.”

      Елена Малышева спасла сына от болезни

      I never cease to admire how Lena and Igor was able to adequately endure all the trials in which they presented the life of Moscow in the 90-ies. The family money was better, she got the doctor on duty in the emergency Department of the hospital ambulance, set up shifts so that Igor could stay with the kids. One called me begging me: “Olya, help me out! Yuri is not one to leave”. Sometimes I played the role of nanny. It turned out good.

      In 1991 was born the second son Vasily, the young family moved into a new hostel. Cornflower unlike older brother grew up a troubled child. For help from Kemerovo had to call mommy Lena – Galina Alexandrovna, she is a pediatrician. One day, appearing in children at a party, I witnessed how everything was controlled with an infinitely screaming Bob, while maintaining complete peace of mind. Lena and mom took turns to toddler. And I looked at friend and thought to be in this mad house could not.

      Елена Малышева спасла сына от болезни“Cornflower cried, because he has a sore tummy, and that night things were quite bad – the baby had a volvulus. Fortunately, Lena and her mother in time guessed that this is not just a whim, was diagnosed, and rushed Bob to the hospital. The surgery went well,” recalls a friend Malysheva.

      And then Galina took the decision on the temporary relocation of Lena with children in Kemerovo. Igor remained in Moscow. Friend did not really want to leave her husband, but understood that it was necessary. And years later, it became clear that it was all right. In the homeland in 1992 was a start of the television career of Elena Malysheva, got the first episode of the program “the Recipe” on TV channel “Kuzbass”.

      Елена Малышева спасла сына от болезни

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