Elena Malysheva is worried for the health of grandson

Елена Малышева беспокоится за здоровье внука Little Igor to carry all the most advanced tests. One-year-old heir to the Helen malyshevoy surrounded by worries grandmother-medic. “We are very worried for George to monitor his condition in all respects”, – said the presenter in the program “Live healthy!”.

      Елена Малышева беспокоится за здоровье внука

      Popular TV presenter Elena Malysheva in the program of the First channel “Live healthy!” told about their worries about the health of the little grandson of George. A boy grows up surrounded by care and attention of his grandmother-a doctor who’s making sure that everything was in order. The first major survey was conducted Igoryok still in infancy. He measured the level of lead in the blood. Elena Malysheva, which is up to date with all the latest medical research, she said, was shocked to learn that the presence of lead in the blood of children can lead to dementia in the absence of any other diseases.

      “My grandson Igor year and three months, because he is the first baby in our family, the firstborn son of my eldest son Yuri, we are all very worried for him and monitor his condition by all parameters and laws of the world of science, – has told on air of transfer “Live healthy!” Elena Malysheva. For example, we measured the level of lead in blood in exactly a month. This analysis make all of the kids in America, he there required. In our country yet. But be aware this figure is very important to take timely action and prevent the child’s development of dementia”.

      It is worth noting that a grandson of Helen malyshevoy grows very active and inquisitive toddler. Star grandmother also told about it during one of their programs. In the house of Elena Malysheva now created the most comfortable and safe environment for igorka. “We are blocked, nailed, all with special clips and straps. Yes, a little uncomfortable for adults, but we are calm for our little boy” – shared Elena Malysheva.

      Recall that grandma and Dr. Phil was on the 25th of January last year. Grandson of leading gave her eldest son George and daughter-in-law of Karina. The boy called Igor in honor of the grandfather, the husband of Elena Malysheva. Grandson of the appearance as changed the lives of Elena and her husband. Now grandpa is happy to babysit little Harry and it even changed its character. According to Malysheva, the husband became soft and manageable. “It is often said that life develops in a spiral. And little Igor Malyshev is a new round of life, on which his grandson and full namesake will live a bright and beautiful life”, – said the TV presenter in an interview.

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