Elena Malysheva intervened in the treatment of Yulia Samoilova

Елена Малышева вмешалась в лечение Юлии Самойловой The presenter tries to help the artist. Elena Malysheva shared on Twitter a video from the scientific Institute where Samoylova examined carefully by doctors. Probably, the girl will undergo a series of procedures from local specialists.

      Chief Phil country Elena Malysheva plans to help the artist Yulia Samoilova, who will represent Russia at “Eurovision” next year. This may, the girl had to go to a music contest in Kiev, however, Ukrainian authorities shut down her entry into the country because, in their opinion, it violated local laws. Julia Samoylova deprived of the opportunity to speak at the “Eurovision”

      A pupil of Alla Pugacheva carefully watching their health. Samoilov recently underwent another operation. The actress said that one surgical intervention has helped prevent her strangulation. “I made an incision along the spine from head to tailbone. If the operation was not, would have gone to the complications to the internal organs. I had already been hard, the muscles not holding back, sitting was difficult, pinched stomach, I couldn’t eat normally. Breathing was the problem,” – shared memories Samoilov.

      Russian doctors are also trying to help Yulia. The other day a girl visited the Institute of neurology, where, together with Elena Malysheva and other specialists discussed the treatment options of the disease. Presenter of “Health” and “Live healthy” told subscribers about the meeting with the artist.

      “Today we began the examination of Yulia Samoilova. Dream of a miracle!” – wrote Malysheva.

      However, the followers women felt that in this way it is more trying to advertise your services than to really help Samoilova. “This looks like a PR stunt. Better you throw a cry and collect money for treatment in the United States,” “In our country there is no methods in the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy”, “God Forbid that anything happened! Julia, your health!” – wrote the social network users.

      According to some, when Julia was little, she unsuccessfully vaccinated against polio, which has entailed heavy consequences. 13 years old girl was diagnosed with spinal amyotrophy of Werding-Hoffman. Many believe that completely cure this disease is impossible, at least in Russia. However, according to Samoilova, she got better after a few operations.

      “At the moment I’m fine, rehab is going according to plan. I don’t need financial aid, but I need viewers and listeners. I hope that my songs will find its fan and would dig me with someone in the soul. I am grateful to all the people who helped me with the surgery and would like to return this good to the world,” said Julia, “StarHit”.

      Recall that many Russians still can’t accept the situation that arose in connection with the “Eurovision”. One of the celebrities who supported Samoilov, was Natalia Vodianova. The model has created a petition, which was signed by 40 thousand people. “According to the rules of Eurovision, the country hosting the competition must ensure that all participants have the opportunity to obtain an entry visa for the whole period of the event. It turns out that the refusal of Yulia Samoilova of entry into the territory of Ukraine violates the rules of the competition, and most importantly, her rights as a musician and personality,” reads the document.