Elena Malysheva doubt its appeal

Елена Малышева сомневается в своей привлекательности The presenter asked the men to tell her that she is beautiful. Elena Malysheva has shared a video from the set of the program “Live healthy!”. In the movie Phil the main countries fishing for compliments from the program.

Known TV presenter Elena Malysheva, who for twenty years with screens teaches citizens to conduct a correct way of life and attentive to their health, as it turns out, not confident in their own attractiveness. This proves the video clip, which is the most cited country doctor posted in a microblog.

Elena Malysheva recorded directly on the set of the program “Live healthy!”, one of the guests was the man who wrote the star in Instagram that wants to see her in person. Malyshev invited the fan to the transmission. “People imagine to us from Chelyabinsk came this huge, Anatoly, which is higher than Herman Shaevich,” he introduced Elena Malysheva guest subscribers microblog. Anatoly admitted that he still could not believe in the reality of the situation. Co-host Malysheva, Professor Handelman asked the man to say that on the screen the doctor look much wider than it actually is. And Elena with a playful tone in his voice began to ask Anatoly to compliment her.

“Tell me I’m beautiful, please, please, please,” said Elena Malysheva. “It is an undeniable fact!” – immediately replied Anatoly.

Fans of the TV presenter thanked her for the positive video, lifted their spirits, and hastened to bestow Elena Malyshev compliments. “Helen, of course, beautiful! All handsome!”, “Lena is all done. Always pinned, raises the mood,” “You reality! And you’re beautiful!”, “Greetings from Nizhnevartovsk! Elena you just super! Thank you for what you do for us! Beautiful, clever” – do not skimp on nice words to teledoktor her followers.

All fans of Elena Malysheva know that she excelled not only in his career. She very happily formed family life. Together with her husband Igor Malyshev, the presenter raised two sons. The eldest of the heirs, Yuri Malyshev, followed in the footsteps of his parents, he is also a doctor, and paired with the famous mother often appears on the screen.

The eldest heir to the presenter a few years ago, started a family, he has a beautiful wife Karina and two year old son, Igor, named in honor of his grandfather. Now Elena Malysheva dreams that soon his beloved met her younger son Vasily. Elena Malysheva wants to marry the younger son