Elena Malysheva called a rebellious and sexy

Елена Малышева назвала себя мятежной и сексуальной TV presenter interviewed the daughter of poet Robert Rozhdestvensky Catherine. Photographer and journalist appeared in the First channel. We are talking about the famous Christmas portraits. At the time that had the opportunity to work with Malysheva.
Елена Малышева назвала себя мятежной и сексуальной

The heroine of the next release of the program “Live healthy!” was the daughter of Robert Rozhdestvensky Catherine, photographed many celebrities, including Gregory Leps, Dmitry Nagiyev, Joseph Kobzon and Ekaterina Andreeva. Was no exception and 57-year-old presenter Elena Malysheva.

As it turned out, the TV star is proud of the portrait of the authorship of Christmas, which aired the show. Malyshev came to work Christmas and praised it.

“This is my favorite portrait – said the TV star. – I without glasses. Rebellious, sexy beauty. Lord, well, why am I wearing glasses?”
Елена Малышева назвала себя мятежной и сексуальной
Елена Малышева назвала себя мятежной и сексуальной

The audience supported the lead applause. “This is a unique work created by one person. No beautiful view, it’s impossible to do,” said Malysheva, identifying the main topic of the program. According to Elena, Ekaterina “feels light and creates incredible works of art.”

Christmas told malyshevoy how did you work on some portraits. The photographer acknowledged that the most valuable thing in her work is seeing. So, twenty years ago, Catherine exploded lamp, and she went blind in one eye. As it turned out, now Christmas is not engaged in the same than before.

“Of course, if I were working abroad, primarily the insured would be the eyes. During these 20 years there were moments when I thought it out. There was a time when rented for special glasses reflecting harmful light. Vision started to sit down, apparently, his eyes were withered and tired. So I gave up work to some extent because of the view,” continued the guest of the ether.
Елена Малышева назвала себя мятежной и сексуальной
Елена Малышева назвала себя мятежной и сексуальной

Catherine shared with leading their secrets. A woman watches TV, reads in the dark and is moisturizing drops, which she was advised by the specialists. After the Studio came and the doctor told about the possible reasons for the deterioration of vision, Malysheva Christmas asked an important question. “How to keep a clear view of forever? Want, answer figuratively, want – physiologically,” the leader asked.

“Vision is very important to me, is the basis of life. I “eat” with the eyes. To move on, I need to change the picture before my eyes, “to be fed”. Don’t have a lot, and see some beauty. So I go to the doctor and he supports me,” said Catherine.

Malyshev asked the heroine not to throw their work and continue to pursue photography. According to a leading Christmas creates stunning portraits.

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