Elena Malyshev require to prosecute

Елену Малышеву требуют привлечь к уголовной ответственности The audience angry because of the words leading on stray dogs. In one of the editions of the program “Live healthy!” Elena Malysheva said that they need to be caught and destroyed. Animal rights activists believe that the star should be punished for his remarks.
Елену Малышеву требуют привлечь к уголовной ответственности

Internet users have created a petition, which call Elena Malyshev criminal liability. According to them, the presenter encouraged the Commission of crimes, when he said in the program “Live healthy!” on March 29 that the stray dogs “should be shot”. Thus Malysheva has responded to the news about the attack of animals on people in the Istra district of Moscow region. Among the victims was a young man, the husband of a pregnant niece Yuri Loza. His tragic death was a shock for all the family.

Vine has opened up new details of the death of the spouse of a pregnant niece

“This happened to us, in the suburbs, it can happen anywhere, so these dogs should be shot. And none of the people who protect animal rights should not interfere with people’s lives. More here have nothing to add”, – said the leader of the First channel in the broadcast transmission.
Елену Малышеву требуют привлечь к уголовной ответственности

According to some viewers, his statements Malysheva approved the violence against animals.

“So the two words are given the green light to killers, Skinner, hunters and corrupt officials, earning on the murders. So our country will never be humane and civilized. We all pseudocommunity, you know? People don’t analyze the situation, do not understand that the appearance of animals on the streets – only the result and not the cause of the problem. Like control numbers in a humane way in other countries is an empty phrase,” – said in a statement sent to the leadership of the presenter, the staff of a number of departments, deputies and prosecutors.

The authors of the petition cited statistics of deaths due to different causes. According to them, on average, from dog attacks killed 35 people per year, while from medical errors during the same period of time die 100 thousand people, and from homicides – more than 10 thousand.

At the time of writing the petition was supported by more than 11 thousand people. “Against cruelty to animals. And the more they murder for their own ephemeral good”, “Stray dogs should be caught and sterilized”, “Television must answer for his words”, “Zhivoderstvo we can not publicize in the media,” say the supporters of animal rights activists.

Previously, a number of stars, including Rita Dakota, Ilona Bronevitskaya, Stas Pyekha, Irina Starshenbaum and Pavel Derevyanko, recorded a video message to the President. Artists protested the appearance of tenders for the catching and destruction of stray Pets in the cities, where summer will host the world Cup. According to some, the state has allocated for these works 110 million rubles. Dakota, Bronevitskaya and Starshenbaum appealed to the President