Elena Maksimova has a grudge against employees of the First channel

Елена Максимова затаила обиду на сотрудников Первого канала
The star of “the Voice” made a “tantrum” in social networks.

Elena Maximova and part of the team “Todes”

Photo: @lenamaximova Instagram

Elena Maksimova has joined the ranks of those who were dissatisfied is shown in the First channel “blue light”. The singer made claims to the leadership of the main keys to the country due to the fact that there was Christmas in the air.

It turned out that Maximov participated in the recording of the concert, but when the installation was “cut”. Did the same with “buranovskie grandmothers”, Nina Mackay and Elmira Kalimullina. All the artist was upset by the attitude of broadcasters. In social networks Elena condemned the employees of the First channel for unfair treatment.

“Self-respecting artists would never yell at the whole Instagram that they cut from the First channel. Only hysterical Maksimova will scream about it like last time. Well, it’s really sad. For all artists it’s a shame. Especially when it’s women! — said the singer. Well, posturile a little, even, perhaps, his life ruined, but Oh well…” Maksimova said that, luckily a friend filmed her performances from the audience on the phone. So the record of the new year the rooms are still preserved. She also cheered for their team, which turns out to no avail diligently preparing for a performance at the “light”.

Incidentally, netizens have expressed the opinion that numbers are not caught in the air artists had to be replaced by the performance of some singers, who had pretty bored the audience even before the New year.