Елена Лядова получила награду за «Измены»
The actress can’t believe that the academics taffy named her best actress of the year.

Елена Лядова получила награду за «Измены»

Elena Lyadova

Photo: TNT

The series “Betrayal,” which became one of the main events last season, won the statuette in three categories at the award ceremony TEFI. Vadim Perelman is recognized as the best Director, best actress, the jury named Elena
This, and the project won in the category “Best television series”.

For Lyadova, which has many awards in his career — this is the first television award. The actress admits not
expect such high marks, because her rivals were Daria Ursulyak and Paulina Andreeva. “Thank you jury and my team of TNT Igor Mishin, Valery Fedorovich,
of course, Vadim Perelman and Daria Gruzevich,” said the star of the show “Betrayal”.

Ivan Okhlobystin

Photo: TNT

In the category of “Sitcom” won “Interns”. Less than
six months ago on TNT ended with the final season of this Comedy, but fans
the series did not come to terms with the fact that their favorite Bulls, Capitman, Lobanov and company
will not appear on TNT. Maybe this award will give the authors and producers
new forces, and they will write one more final season. “For me this project is a miracle, the ratio of the creative team,
shops, television guide. All this happened so suddenly, so
accidentally, — says Ivan Okhlobystin. In
life thought that I would ever do a sitcom. Ended
the shooting, completed the series, were the warmest of sensations and feelings. For us it is
very high reward.”

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