Elena Lyadova: “it’s hard for Me to tolerate when I cries my husband»

Елена Лядова: «Мне трудно терпеть, когда на меня кричит мой муж»
The actress told how their family life with Vladimir Vdovichenkov affected by the shooting in a horror movie.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Lyadova met her future husband Vladimir Vdovichenkov on the set of the acclaimed film “Leviathan”. Their romance developed quickly and soon the actors were married. And three years ago, Lyadov began to help her husband as agent – schedule, read scripts, respond to job offers, communicate with casting Directors. And now she has the responsibility for the employment of Vladimir.

Recently Vdovichenkov and Lyadova got the offer to star in the horror film “Creature”. Heroes of the picture — a couple who many years ago lost a son. But time passes, life goes on, they want to adopt a child. And then, their fate under strange circumstances is a boy that is becoming more and more like their son… And Elena, and Vladimir admit that working in this project exhausted them.

“The film has scenes in which the heroes have nightmares… you Know, such a terrible viscous dreams, of which I can not escape — the state of sleep paralysis, — says Elena. Our heroes in reality fall into the same viscous, like a dream, disgusting. It’s not easy when you both, together with her husband, get into a heavy emotional background. We are there as actors, constantly had to “pick open” some terrible things. And we would dearly like to each other or treated, but before the camera got into the skin of people who have whom unresolved conflicts and misfortunes. That is, Willy-nilly, but we are immersed in it. And as much as I love my profession, I find it hard to endure, when my cries for a long time my husband, even if it is by role. At some point the soul really starts to hurt, the limit is reached and the body says: I’ve played enough. At this point we should stop.”

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