Elena Lyadova is assisting a sick child

Елена Лядова оказывает помощь больному ребенку
Famous actress Elena Lyadova have made a truly noble act, saving the life of a boy from Zhukovsky.

Елена Лядова оказывает помощь больному ребенку

7-year-old Artem from birth is suffering from bowel disease. Parents struggling to help their child.

Елена Лядова оказывает помощь больному ребенку

“She wrote to me in social networks, – told reporters Anna, the boy’s mother. – Jokes: “Show business is like word of mouth!” And indeed it is! I told her that Artem is not fully developed intestines. The son was operated on several times.

The pain he cried a lot, but didn’t complain. Only at night whispered: “Why God doesn’t love me? I’m very tired!” Lena showed all documents that in any case did not think that cheating. After a couple of days received an SMS notification with the translation, then they had a few. Together with her husband Vladimir Vdovichenkov they were interested in the condition of her son, we are extremely grateful. How Artem will get better, will write to her to share the joy!”

At the moment, Artem is trying to cure in Israel, thanks to the efforts Lyadova.

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