Елена Летучая с женихом планируют ребенка

It turns out that 37-year-old presenter left the show “Revizorro” to become a mother.

A few months ago everyone was convinced that Flying has gone from “Revizorro” on the insistence of her fiance, businessman Yuri Anashenkov. The media wrote that man had proposed to her hands and heart and wished that she was beside him, and not on round-the-clock filming of the program.

Just today, Elena decided to dispel rumors, said that he terminated the contract leading on their own and for good reasons…

It turns out that Flying in 37 years, clearly realized, he wants a family and children, and with “Revizorro”, for which she was forced to fly across the country, family nest is not built. Then Elena decided to stay on the project, but as a producer.

“Yura didn’t make me leave “Revizorro” how many people write on the Internet. Just to build a family in the eternal road will not work. With the stomach will not altaassa in the country, but the house does not zasyadesh – need to adapt to changing priorities, able to combine”, – admitted Volatile in the interview “StarHit”.

Also the media personality shared with reporters preparing for the wedding with her lover, or rather, the choice of dress for the celebration. Initially, she wanted a modest white dress with thin spaghetti straps, as at Valentino, but then gave preference to along Vera Wang.

“Seeing the outfit from Vera Wang, I realized – it was love at first sight. As they say in my beloved TV series “Sex and the city”, “don’t dress Faith to fit yourself under the dress of Faith”. I have tried it abroad, and then wrote to Moscow, hidden in a secret room,” said Bat.

At the same date of marriage celebrity left in secret. But I think the wait is very long!

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