Елена Летучая легла в клинику из-за лишнего веса
TV presenter threw all their forces to regain harmony for the summer.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Social networks

Elena Letuchaya is preparing for the summer season. In the winter, as you know, diet is much more difficult. Therefore, in the spring, many girls scratching their heads over the question: how to lose weight quickly and effectively? Bat admitted it after the winter “settled” in the figure three kilos. To deal with them will be Flying abroad.

The other day Elena flew to Spain, where he went to a specialist clinic. She was tailor-made weight loss program. In front of the TV waiting for a few days, limitations in food and procedures to deal with weight loss, detox and overall recuperation. The star of “Revizorro” told followers in Instagram about what goals have you set for yourself during the trip.

“With the growth of 176, 5 my weight today of 60.4, and I’m comfortable to be 57-58 kg. Throw down two pounds… — shared Elena. Is a heavenly place to restore health, wellbeing and purification. By the way, I like this place for the first time, so I will be happy to share with You.”

It is curious that recently the press began to appear about a possible pregnancy of the Fly. Such conclusions were made in the surroundings of Elena because of the changes in her figure: shape presenter widened considerably. Presenter the trip to Spain will put an end to the talk about her “situation”. Soon she would again demonstrate to fans of perfect abs and a trim figure.