Elena Letuchaya was in the midst of a scandal

Елена Летучая оказалась в эпицентре громкого скандала
In the Network appeared the recording of the threats to the presenter in her former stylist.

Ivan John and Helen Volatile

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Letuchaya has become the main character of the scandal erupted. As a result of quarrels with his stylist, TV presenter refused to return items leased from a store, with a total value of half a million rubles.

This story began in the days when in microblogging Elena had an angry post to the address of her stylist. Fugitive accused of a certain Ivan John of incompetence. “Please pay attention to this post of all the designers and people in the field of beauty! This man, Ivan John, worked with me, took my clothes from designers and showrooms! 1.I urge you not to give him clothes under my name.2.If he’s already got his clothes under my name and have not returned, please contact my assistant Natalia. 3.I do not advise as a specialist. Calls himself a stylist, but nothing to do. Regularly tore me shooting and has proved not from the best side!” — wrote Fugitive on his page in the social network.

The conflict between Bat and Ivan was the fact that he allegedly did not return things that used to film with Elena. Himself John, the words of the presenter denies. “Let’s start with the fact that clothes in the name of Helen to take, because the clothes just do not give, — wrote the stylist on the page in Facebook. — To once again not to be sent our esteemed presenter of the year, you often had to appear in the showroom when there were no people responsible for PR. In General, to dress our distinguished TV presenter of the year, the star of all the Russias, the sense of taste, you do not need. It is enough to have only hands, who will carry out the Express shipping the fact that Elena chose herself. Only now and then have to blush and make excuses for a not very good dress or a warm beige pantyhose… by the Way, just for the fact that she was not given a beige tights 100 den, I was fired. I worked with many people, among them were known, but such tyranny and rudeness I have not met!”

And just a few hours ago, Life published an audio recording of threats to Helena in the address of Ivan. TV presenter allegedly promised to destroy the reputation of John after the incident. On the published record, the girl did not skimp on strong words and threatened to “destroy” John.