Elena Letuchaya triumphant return in “Revizorro”

Елена Летучая триумфально возвращается в «Ревизорро»
The presenter told us about what the next city will be tested.

Elena Letuchaya


Fans of Helen Bat rejoice! The presenter took an unequivocal decision to return to the show “Revizorro”. This she announced at a private party of TV channel “Friday”.

In addition to news about what Volatile resumes host of a popular show, it also became known which city will host filming of the new season. It turned out that Elena will be accepted for verification of the Moscow public eating places and hotels. About the fate of Olga Romanov, who replaced Helen in the post of leading the program “Revizorro”, nothing is known. It is not excluded that the girls will work together.

We will remind that Elena has gone from glorified her show last year. She told me that to care is partly influenced by the then her fiance Yuri Anashenkov, who was worried about the life of his bride. Work in “Revizorro” I have often been subjected to Volatile danger. This summer, the couple got married in Greece, then Elena and Yuri flew to the Maldives where they spent their honeymoon.