Елена Летучая рассказала правду о взятках в «Ревизорро» The project team are constantly trying to bribe a “good story”. The presenter frankly told about how really things are out of their cells. The celebrity shared her experience with fans from St. Petersburg.

      Елена Летучая рассказала правду о взятках в «Ревизорро»

      Last weekend in St. Petersburg, Gorky Park. Kirov held a large-scale festival LifePicinc dedicated to beauty and health. The headliner of the festival was a popular TV presenter Elena Volatile, familiar to viewers of the program “Revizorro”.

      For hours popular announcer shared with the audience the secrets of excellence, talked about the program “revizorro”, called to help others. Volatile and shared candid details of his biography – it turned out that Elena had never dreamed of becoming a TV presenter and wanted to do something else.

      “As a child I wanted to be an artist, but then decided that they are not very much money, so I decided to come to St. Petersburg in architecture, which were not happy parents, and I had to go in to financial University. It was then still in Moscow, after – work in Gazprom’s structure. At some point I realized that I do not live my life. Yes, I was sitting in a very beautiful bright office, I was paid a good salary, parents were happy, but somewhere inside I felt unhappy man,” recalls Flying.

      Елена Летучая рассказала правду о взятках в «Ревизорро»

      This all changed when the striking blonde went with a friend to school television. Six months Elena could not understand, like her or not until he directed his first story on the donation. By the way, and now she continues to do charity work – and helps not only funds, but also to shelters for animals, and specific people. Later Flying was cast in the popular show “Revizora”, and then started talking about her entire country. The show has such high ratings and influence the masses, often Fly and her team offered big money for “good stories.”

      “I constantly hear that we charge money for the program, and the media ascribe to me some unreal houses- we have a lot of fun about it with my fiancé. Now I have a great team and very difficult for all to follow, but offer money to everyone: operators, workers, Directors. But we make software for people,” says the owner of the award “TEFI”.

      In the near future, expect some Volatile events – the wedding with the lawyer Yuri. However, his personal life Elena protects and tries not to dwell on it. Even at the festival she refused to say anything about his male fans, but has advised young girls who are still looking for happiness “often to go out”. It seems that after the honeymoon charming blonde will return to telecare as the lead – she is now working on filming a new show, the pilot episode which plans to show in the fall.

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