Elena Letuchaya told about where and how to celebrate the New year

Елена Летучая рассказала о том, где и как будет встречать Новый год
The presenter shared his plans for the new year holidays.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Like most representatives of the Russian show-business Dec became for Elena Fly a real marathon. Presenter, risking their lives, managed to film some additional scenes for “Revizorro”, to open your own shop of author’s gifts, to visit the most high-profile premieres and other social events. And then, finally, Elena started the new year holidays. Volatile told about what the plans builds on the most magical night of the year.

“Everything! Soon the New year and no more work! I am strong — I can do it! Beloved husband, the Christmas Tree, preparing holiday favorite for families, gifts for all, a holiday for friends, books, skates, series, snow —all what do you do in this time, people!” — shared Elena. Flying had planned a quiet family holiday without noisy parties.

Incidentally, the end of the year was marked by the presenter from several scandals. At first Elena was the main character in a showdown with her fired stylist. Then, when filming started in Moscow the season of “Revizorro” Flying not once had to deal with aggression from the owners of the capital’s schools, where she appeared with the checks. One such case ended up that the TV channel “Friday” was forced to hire guards to Elena, as it was threatened with reprisals against blastfurnace order. And then in the showdown interfered with the representatives of the law — Ministry of internal Affairs, declared the actions of Flying illegal… well, Elena definitely has something to relax on the upcoming Christmas vacation.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that in 2016 brought Elena happiness in his personal life. Summer Flying was the lawful wife of her lover, Yuri Anashenkov. The couple were married in Greece, inviting to the celebration of only the closest friends and relatives.