Elena Letuchaya talked about the new gastronomic award

Елена Летучая рассказала о новых гастрономических симпатиях
TV presenter refused fat meat.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @elenapegas/Instagram

Elena Volatile, which always with great attention
attitude to what she eats, told about changes in your kitchen. Star
show “Revizorro” admitted that recently fell in love with Turkey. “You know,
what I’m trying to eat right, ‘ said Elena. — I completely abandoned
fatty types of meat. In recent years, increasingly prefer Turkey. Steaks
breast contain only 2 grams of fat and protein 20граммов”.

But her husband Yury Anashenkov Volatile prepares
any steak: this she told in a recent interview 7days.ru.

“Yura loves them. I even went specifically to the courses —
says the presenter. Because up until meat is generally not friends. I
often cooked separately. For example, some Parmigiano eggplant — I do love
Italian. When Yura met, I cooked vegetables
I ask him: “want one?” And he said, “I don’t eat eggplant, I eat meat.”
However, in the end, my eggplant, he still tried. And said, “God,
as delicious as if they were meat to eat!” Oh, and I love all of this —
delicious dishes, beautiful dishes, and be sure to elegant
swipe. I’m an aesthete, of course.”

By the way, len Bat no housekeeper, so that all
household chores, including cooking on it.

“It so happened that the helpers do
temporarily no, and it’s extremely hard. I have to get up very early in order
to prepare Breakfast for her husband and then go to some photo shoot, we live
outside the city, says Volatile. Often I remain no Breakfast
just no time for it. But her husband I can’t the hungry of the house to let go.
And in the evening it is not to feed too, can not, whatever I was tired. And it
okay, because we have a family”.