Elena Letuchaya spoke for the first time about the scandal with the hospital

Елена Летучая впервые высказалась о скандале с больницей
Televeduschaya succeeded.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Letuchaya finally commented on the scandal with the Voronezh hospital, where the star appeared suddenly with check. During the inspection of the medical institution Helena discovered the cockroaches and the terrible unsanitary conditions in the bathroom, no decoration, dirty mattresses and bedding… the Word was in a terrible state.

The violations of the conducted verification. In the meantime, the guide identifies those responsible for the chaos in the hospital, a group of volunteers has partially corrected the situation. Volunteers personally put things in order in the facility — clean and put fresh mattresses and new linen.

Elena was satisfied that, through her work (even turning to her scandal), the Voronezh authorities have turned their attention to the resulting problem. “I’m glad that my visit to the hospital in Voronezh, not only attracted the attention of local authorities to problems, but — more importantly — has caused such a response from those who saw a report on the Internet and on the First channel.

I am convinced that many problems can and should decide for themselves, not waiting for manna from heaven or a miracle. The fact that people came to the hospital with new mattresses, brought the means of harvest and are ready to solve problems – a continuation of what I have always shown and done in their programmes and reports. Honestly, I’m really happy what is happening. And proud of All the people who responded and came to the hospital to solve this problem their hands!” — said Elena.

Recall that recently in the network appeared the information that the hospital management has accused Elena… provocation! According to doctors, shortly before the appearance of the Fly and the crew at the hospital was allegedly visited by a young man asking to go to the bathroom. Stranger, if to trust this version, soiled toilet seat, sketched out the trash, and left a box of medicines, which he carried cockroaches. By coincidence, the Volatile tested this powder room. The hospital staff insisted that Elena is not accidentally purposefully went to “proper” toilet at the hospital several of them and the others allegedly were in perfect order.