Елена Летучая высказалась о скандале с открытием фирмы The presenter said the “StarHit” about the real state of Affairs. Elena Volatile is going to do delivery of products to restaurants only in the distant future. She says that the popular project “Revizorro” was created solely in the interest of the audience.

      Not so long ago Elena Flying to the delight of many fans back in the popular program “Revizorro”. If the presenter has checked the purity and quality of food in public eating places throughout Russia, the new season of the show, she decided to devote cafes, restaurants, and hotels in Moscow.

      Now the real scandal, the epicenter of which was Volatile. The TV presenter was accused that she is a co-founder of the company, which is engaged in supplying products to restaurants. Elena described the “StarHit” the reality of the situation. She said its nothing to reproach, as at the moment the firm is not functioning. The presenter is going to do this activity only in the distant future.

      “Yes, indeed, I am a co-founder of the company “LL Group”. But while I am bound by contract with the TV channel “Friday” and in particular with the project “Revizorro”, the firm is not functioning because I have restrictions on activities in the field of HoReCa (catering industry and hotel industry. – Approx. “StarHit”). Well why in the future not to do those things best. This is such a good Foundation for the future, at my age, when I won’t have any relation to the restaurant business,” said Bat.

      Elena is very possessive about his project “Revizorro” and tries to make the audience could fully trust her checks. She followed the reviews and opinions left by users on the Network, where some provocateurs trying to blacken her name. Volatile said that filed a lawsuit against those who allowed themselves to spread about, according to her, information.

      “Of course, I understand that in our country freedom of speech! But for a lie, and even on the Internet, will have to answer in court! Information for many who spoke falsely accused and threatened “Revizorro”. The arbitration court of Moscow has registered the statement of claim about protection of business reputation of the TV channel “Friday!” – said Elena in his microblog.

      Elena once again reminded that the crew is working only in the interests of the audience. However, for a long time were people who tried to refute the veracity of what they see in the program.