Elena Letuchaya spoke about cheating in the show “Revizorro»

Елена Летучая высказалась об обмане в шоу «Ревизорро» At the end of January saw the premiere of the popular project “Friday!”with the new host Nastassja Samburski. The actress and her colleagues will continue the work of Elena Flying, switched to the First channel. She recently commented on the appointment nastasi.
Елена Летучая высказалась об обмане в шоу «Ревизорро»

The new host of the controversial show “Revizorro” was Nastassja Samburski. Recently Elena Volatile, have fallen to work on the First channel, spoke about his replacement. Care blonde of the popular project last year caused a lot of noise. The Channel “Friday!”stated the right to 50% of the earnings of a movie star. Later, a Bat managed to solve legal issues and to terminate the contract with the previous employer.

During the conversation with journalists Elena said that are not familiar with Samburski. Therefore, Bats can not make predictions about disability Nastasia and her fate in the draft, which depends on ratings.

“I was filming the program “revizorro” with a team of five people. They were with me in the same boat: we fought to the project of honest, socially relevant and helped people. When I didn’t know how to rate the restaurant, we sat down together and decided. We didn’t think about ratings and numbers. I had a project at 105%. This was the secret of success. You can’t play — that’s life, I worked on the script,” said Elena.
Елена Летучая высказалась об обмане в шоу «Ревизорро»

However, the Moscow edition of the programme did the other people who work with Samburski. According to Bat, she had a doubt about the integrity of those officers. However, Elena is hopeful that the team will work honestly. Star wished success Nastasia and her colleagues.

“I refused to take Moscow “Revizorro” because of the fact that he personally learned several times that merged information on the places we go. Absolutely could not control. So I have doubts about the veracity of how this command will work. Will wish them success. If they will not take money, will withdraw honestly will not be anyone to substitute, the program will remain socially relevant and useful. I would be only glad,” said Bat.

Elena added that Nastasya Samburski’ll achieve success and high ratings, if it is to fight for the rights of people. Flying, being a workaholic, spared neither strength nor the time to make the programme relevant and meaningful. According to the blonde, she could not sleep a couple of days, and often took off at 5 am. After a while Elena lost sleep, she began to have headaches.

“From the project “Revizorro” I left because of health status. Thought was able to recover and will be back flying a lot. But “battle wounds” made themselves felt in December,” shared the TV star.

The doctors forbade Elena frequent flights. So celebrities had to say goodbye to work in the project “flying squad”. Now the blonde is developing with producers of the new show, which will be released on the First channel. According to star, have any ideas. It is expected that the program will be less controversial, writes the “TV”.