Elena Letuchaya showed the family idyll

Елена Летучая показала семейную идиллию
Presenter touching congratulated her husband’s birthday.

Elena Flying with her husband Yuri Analogovym

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Letuchaya not get tired to show off in front of fans your family happiness. TV presenter many years was looking for her Prince on a white horse and now, it seems, intends to enjoy the newfound status of married ladies. In social networks Elena allowed herself unusual for her affection. She touchingly congratulated the husband — Yuri Anashenkov happy birthday.

“My love, this day is only yours! Happy birthday!” — posted by Elena. She also added that the other wishes to announce her beloved is not with witnesses. Together with congratulations Flying published a cute family photo. It depicted Flying in the arms of a spouse.

Recall that the wedding of TV presenter and her lover took place in August last year. The ceremony took place in Greece, where Elena and Yuri invited closest friends and relatives. Fans of Kim and hope that in the near future, Flying will announce pregnancy. After all, she has many years dream is to become a large mum. By the way, her husband already has two children from a previous marriage.