Елена Летучая показала округлившийся живот
The TV presenter sparked the pregnancy rumors.

Elena Letuchaya

Elena Letuchaya already more than once mentioned in interviews that she is ready to birth children. She wants to experience the joy of motherhood. In this regard, the Network appeared rumors that the television host and her husband, Yuri Anashenkov in the new year will become parents. Helen recently took part in the filming of the Christmas video for Vogue. On the set of Flying appeared in the outfit that emphasized changes in her figure.

Based on the fact that TV stars are noticeably rounded belly, fans have concluded that Flying is a “position”. Fans heartily congratulated Elena with the upcoming replenishment in the family.

Volatile so far not commented on the rumors about her pregnancy. Maybe it’s on new year’s eve like many of her colleagues, refused to exhausting diets, which helped her maintain her form. It is possible that on a slim figure Elena could impact the stress of the recent changes in the career plan. The transition with Elena’s “Friday” on the First channel was accompanied by a scandal. It still remains unknown whether the Fly will need to give former employers half of their income from work on the main channel of the country.

Elena Letuchaya for @voguerussia ???

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