Елена Летучая рассказала, что потеряла лучшего друга
The presenter shared a sentimental story.

Elena Volatile and dog Poker

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Volatile the effect is not very sentimental
person. And yet, it turns out that sometimes in life, famous TV presenter
events occur that remain in her memory forever. So, the other day she
spoke about the severe loss of his close friend — dog named Kashtanka,
where Helen spent her childhood.

“I want to tell You a story from my life! When
I was a child, my mother found a puppy on the street. He was dirty, hungry
and no one needs. Mom took it, brought it to our house and left to live with
us, we gave her the nickname Kashtanka, she was a real “Chekhov
By Kashtanka”. This dog was devoted to our family life, was the best
other. We absolutely loved her, she lived with us for 16 years, and very old
left. I’m very happy that I was a child, and she was a little puppy, we lived our
combines interesting and full of lessons of life. I took care of her, developed
a sense of responsibility, and she protected me…” — wrote in the microblog Volatile.

As it turned out, the story the presenter told us not
just. She called their fans to actively participate in the life of abandoned and
stray dogs, help the hospices, which contain these unfortunate animals.
By the way, Elena and still is an ardent lover and defender

Recall that fans of the Fly froze in anticipation,
waiting for the wedding of their darling with her lover — see Analogovym scheduled for a few days. To
the preparation of the celebration TV presenter went very responsibly. However, it is not
surprisingly, as Elena became famous thanks to his love of order. It
for a long time was the permanent host of “Revizorro,” which
it was created to protect the public from unscrupulous owners.

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