Elena Letuchaya risking their health

Елена Летучая рискует своим здоровьем
Elena Letuchaya told me that last season running the program on the First channel fell through due to the fact that the doctors forbade her frequent air travel.

Елена Летучая рискует своим здоровьем

Here and now, communicating with journalists, Elena recalled that from the heart of the testimony of the doctors forbid her to fly a lot and contract with the First channel it will have just one flight per month.

Елена Летучая рискует своим здоровьем

But apparently, privacy is not covered, and for the last time Bat made several long flights.

Recently, Helen visited the Maldives, Baku, Brazil, Sochi and even going to Yerevan. And that’s not counting advertising shots and master classes, which she always mentions in his instagram. On the gentle mode it does not look like.

So should we then believe the stories of Elena about her health.

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