Елена Летучая сделала ремонт перед свадьбой
The star has already “Revizorro” already bought new furniture.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Instagram

Repairs in the house Elena came Flying to the finish line. TV presenter
already refreshed the walls, floor and ceiling and now it picks up the updated housing
furniture. Today the stars were a troublesome day, she was looking for a kitchen wall.

Having bypassed some shops, Flying opted for white
stylish headset. The star of “Revizorro” decided not to do furniture
customized, guided by the fact that it takes too much
time, and took already. “All the interiors of this store – ready solution
and it pleases me to share Lena. — Taken immediately, don’t need a designer, not
need to wait for order, pick up and immediately put”.

The rush of the presenter is clear – after all, the wedding of Lena very soon. Every woman wants to freshen up your home before you start
married life – to build a cozy family nest.

We will remind, Elena and her partner Yuri Anashenkov plan to get married in
the end of summer. They have already chosen a few places that fit them
wedding, but is as yet undecided. Most importantly, what the future converge
the couple — they do not want unnecessary agitation about his marriage, so
it is likely, that married, Elena will inform their fans
after the wedding will take place.

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