Елена Летучая получила первые свадебные подарки
The presenter gave the original symbols of the upcoming celebration.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Instagram

Elena Letuchaya received the first wedding gifts. It
happened during a trip to the Seychelles, where the presenter is having fun in
company Elena Temnikova and demonstrates stunning swimwear. On
island Paradise TV presenter flew with her future husband — businessman Yury
By anashenkov.

Today, after returning from the beach to the Villa, Bat he found in the room
a gift from friends — they gave the star two adorable plush rabbits in
the outfits of the bride and groom. “Incredible wedding gift! — Helen is happy. —
The bride and groom incredibly beautiful.”

Elena and her partner Yuri Anashenkov planned
married secretly: they decided not to get too hype about her
marriage. After Lena talked about wedding gifts,
the fans decided that the star got married in the Seychelles. However, engagement rings
on your finger Lena yet.

Recall that the wedding of TV presenter is to be held in
August. Elena chose a striking dress formed a guest list and chose
a spectacular restaurant. She even made repairs in the apartment. The TV presenter is already
freshen up the walls, floor and ceiling and now picked up to an updated home with new furniture.

As you know, the offer
of marriage 37-year-old TV presenter received at the beginning of this year — Valentine’s day beloved star got down on one knee,
pulled from his inside pocket a ring and asked her if she would marry him.
Elena, of course, said the coveted “Yes!”

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