Elena Letuchaya received TEFI-2016 for investigative journalism

Елена Летучая получила ТЭФИ-2016 за журналистское расследование The television station “Ostankino” held a presentation of awards TEFI-2016. Some programs and show day of the broadcast have already received their statues in various categories. Project Lena Fly “Revizorro” won in the nomination “journalistic investigation”.

      Елена Летучая получила ТЭФИ-2016 за журналистское расследование

      In “Ostankino” hand figurines “TEFI” for the highest achievements in the television arts. One of the first winners of the daily program broadcast several Russian channels. Designer Vlad Lisovets present the award in the television station and tells subscribers microblog about the winners. He reported that the project “Revizorro. The new season” won the statuette in the category “journalistic investigation”, ahead of competitors: “the Burden of the Gypsies” and “Black transplant”.

      Lena Letuchaya was present in the courtroom awarding gold statues, and gladly accepted the coveted prize. In the new season of Flying working as a producer for the show. A game show host was Olga Romanov. She now travels the region and examines the service and the conditions of a restaurant. Elena Letuchaya apologized for new leadership “Revizorro”

      “This is an unforgettable day. Golden Orpheus in my hands. Thank you to everyone who believed in me in the beginning, who was in command of “Revizorro” all these two years, and even if for one trip, thanks to the TV channel “Friday”, this is your victory,” wrote in microblogging Volatile.
      Елена Летучая получила ТЭФИ-2016 за журналистское расследование

      Show “Morning at 5” became the winner in nomination “the Morning program”. Best leading air early in 2016 called Yulia Vysotskaya. She received the statuette “Orpheus”.

      The program “the glass bead Game” was recognized as the best daytime talk show. “Heads and tails. Around the world” TV channel “Friday” was named the most entertaining show. In the nomination “the daytime television series” won the film “Secrets of the investigation – 15”.

      Transfer “What? Where? When?” received the award in the category “TV game”. Best reality show, recognized as the program of “Balanced people”, a programme which the participants get rid of excess weight. Her leading Yulia Kovalchuk was overjoyed. “We did it! Here today all our sports gang, all those who wonder helps a little and hurts wanting to lose weight and will do in the third season,” – shared his emotions the star.

      Елена Летучая получила ТЭФИ-2016 за журналистское расследование

      The program “Bolshoi ballet” became the best in nomination “Educational program”. The best program for the children was “clever and clever”.

      Figurine of TEFI in the nomination “the Documentary” went to the creators of the project “1812-1815. Foreign campaign”. The essential promotion is the passing of a “Blockade”. The best TV show about sports called “the road to the East. Fedor Emelianenko (Match TV), which is bypassed show “Without a net” and “Racers. Star Battle”. Vladimir Stognienko, commenting on the match “CSKA” – “Spartak” Match TV has become the best sports presenter.

      After 22:00 call of 17 winners in the categories of evening Prime time. 34 nominees represent the holding “Gazprom-media (NTV, TNT, “Friday!” and “Match TV”). Channel NTV which will show on the evening broadcast of the awards ceremony, claim 11 bronze “Orpheus”.

      Елена Летучая получила ТЭФИ-2016 за журналистское расследование

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