Elena Letuchaya received a “stab in the back”

Елена Летучая получила «удар ножом в спину»
The presenter told us about betrayal.

Елена Летучая получила «удар ножом в спину»

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Elena Volatile

Elena Letuchaya is now in a difficult position. Not so long ago a scandal broke out because of the transition presenter with a “Friday!” on the First channel. Now she is bound until 2019 to pay the former management of half of their earnings. Elena admitted that the main source of advice about her transfer was the husband — Yuri Anashenkov. After some discussion with him, Volatile and made the fateful decision. The TV star is confident that all can rely on a spouse. Since then, they have spun a novel, Yuri helps his wife with all the legal issues. Now, she does not sign the contract if it had not been read her blessed.

Husband was to Fly the main support in life, because before meeting him, she is often faced with betrayal. She had friends, tested by time, but there were those who betrayed her.

“I’m still not indifferent, so is the meanness and treachery. To me such things happen. Fortunately, I have friends. They are time-tested and my popularity. After all, Pat and regret any, and to enjoy success not everyone is ready. But there are people time, they work for you, give them everything and then they knife you in the back…” — said Elena.

Volatile noticed that the work on the First channel it opens great prospects. In particular, she can now engage in social projects. Elena has come a long way to success and knows the value of money. There was a time when Flying was stretched a thousand rubles for two weeks: literally starving, took any work offered, in short, did everything that though as-that to survive. Parents at the time worried about future star, but knowing the character of the daughter, do not doubt that sooner or later she will achieve this goal.

Elena Flying with her husband Yuri

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Elena Volatile

“Look back and are proud of praise: how great I am. And on the other hand think it was a step into the abyss. But only because of the lessons that life brings, we begin to appreciate the good that is around us!” — quoted by Elena Woman sDay.

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