Elena Letuchaya ready to name a successor

Елена Летучая готова назвать имя преемника
New host of “revizorro” will determine the audience voting.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

Soon on the TV channel “Friday!” will premiere “School Revizorro” project, the results of which will be selected the new leading fair of the TV show in the country.

Full Russian casting of the parties continued for several months. As a result of the hundreds of applications was chosen only ten. These people are not even aware that they have to go in the fight for the lead of the project “Revizorro”. Because such testing was not necessary to overcome even the Helena Flying.

“If our students think that they are waiting for the rapid
career with minimal effort, they still did not understand where
hit. “School Revizorro” — not a Spa where each party waiting for hard
test and a real test of strength, — says Elena Volatile. Project
can be compared with the conveyor of the team of special agents who go through rigorous training
and instruction. To the end of training is able to walk, not all, and not just
a good agent, but a real James bond at all can be one”.

Throughout the project participants will be closely monitored not only by cameras, but the jury headed by Elena Fly. Tuition in the “School Revizorro” responsible authoritative representatives of the restaurant and hospitality industry, business consultants, trainers, psychologists and, of course, the TV presenter. The skills the characters will work out in practice, and then the creators of the project prepared for beginners very unexpected conditions and tasks. Candidates for the role of the new “Revizorro” have to go through the toughest training sessions and stressful tests.

And the fans will have the opportunity from day one to support any of the heroes with their votes on the website of the TV channel “Friday!” in their social networks. All the votes cast for a particular character for a show will be added. That is audience voting will determine who of the finalists of the “school of Revizorro” Elena Letuchaya named as his successor.

By the way, in June on “Friday.” Flying will test the strength of not only pupils of the “school of Revizorro,” she seriously engaged in the education of the willpower of the heroes of the project “Stroinski”. 7 June Flying to take control of those who are not able to lose weight on their own. It will act as a fair referee in the game between two gamblers and not a measure of well-fed people. A month the heroes of the show will get rid of excess pounds in dispute. Motivation will serve as the rate that each will make in the beginning of the project and the vigilant control of Elena Fly.