Елена Летучая опубликовала первый кадр со свадьбы Well-known presenter appeared elegant in a wedding gown. The picture captured the imagination of fans of the star. Elena Letuchaya married on the Greek island of Santorini. The ceremony was attended by only her closest.

      Elena Letuchaya dreamed of a beautiful wedding on the beach. Her wish finally became a reality. The ex-host of the program “Revizorro” has tied the knot with businessman Yuri Analogovym. Star said your woman cherished “Yes” in the presence of the closest people to the Greek island of Santorini. The beauty of this resort strikes the imagination of any traveler, so the wedding in such scenery became for Elena unforgettable event.

      Presenter got married abroad

      Volatile has shared with fans the first shot in a wedding gown. White floor-length dress hugs the figure stars. A delicate scarf of the finest silk plays the role of wedding veils. Strict hairstyle completes the look of the bride. Under the photo of Elena made no less romantic signature.

      “I dedicate this post with love, real, sincere and clean! And if You are reading this post, and You are happy, I am sincerely happy for You, but if You haven’t found your soul mate and, perhaps, desperate, or think that a love, believe! Love has no age or nationality, no rich or poor, there is no framework! The main thing is not to lose faith, and don’t need to look for her, she will find You, most importantly your heart out to her,” – shared emotions Volatile.

      Charmed fans leading admired her wedding way and supported her with kind words. The followers wished the star in the comments to the photo, endless love and happiness.

      “Elena, could not be any doubt that such a beautiful honest and smart woman will find your love! I’m happy to see You as a bride! I congratulate You sincerely with the family”, “I Sincerely congratulate Your couple on this wonderful day! Remember and enjoy every moment! I wish the young couple to survive until Golden wedding”, “Very beautiful Elena! And smart and wise! I like you very much! Happiness to You”, “Helena, you are amazing! Love and be loved! I wish you many healthy and strong children”, – did not hide delight fans of the stars.

      It is noteworthy that for the wedding trip to Santorini Flying came up very thoroughly. Leading chose not only the wedding dress, but a white swimsuit bride. In this form, the husband will see her on the beach.

      “The main authority for me – the groom, – told star in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. He’s a lawyer and gives me a lot of tips, explains. Jura can sort out. It helps me to be a woman – small, not thinking. Future husband for me – friend, lover, shoulder – everything! Nowadays a lot of emancipated ladies, who pulled the blanket over herself. I don’t want! Always thought that the man must be the backbone of any family as my dad. In this respect, I am an absolute woman”.

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