Elena Letuchaya preparing for the change of name

Елена Летучая готовится к смене фамилии Soon there will be a wedding of TV presenter and her lover. Now Lena Flying and Yuri Anashenkov preparing for the wedding. Once married the famous blonde is going to hyphenate.

      Елена Летучая готовится к смене фамилии

      Preparations for the wedding of the famous TV presenter Elena Flying is in full swing. Unlike many celebrities who try to attract more public attention to his personal life, famous blonde on the contrary, tries to talk less about his chosen Yuri Yashenkova. Despite the fact that Volatile confesses that her wedding will be held soon, specific dates are not called. Along with the change of the marital status of Elena intends to take a new name. However, radical changes will not happen.

      Elena Letuchaya: “a Groom for me and friend and lover”

      “My fiancé and I have decided that I will have a double surname,” – said the Volatile.

      Elena is happy that she’s with Yuri the same views on life and common goals and objectives. The famous blonde had said they had always tried to insist, and now have learned to compromise. Bat sees in the chosen one’s real support for yourself.

      “Chief authority for me – the groom. He’s a lawyer and gives me a lot of tips, explains. Jura can sort out. It helps me to be a woman – small, not thinking. Future husband for me – friend, lover, shoulder – everything! Nowadays a lot of emancipated ladies, who pulled the blanket over herself. I don’t want! Always thought that the man must be the backbone of any family, like my dad. In this respect, I am an absolute woman,” said the presenter “StarHit”.
      Елена Летучая готовится к смене фамилии

      Elena admitted, I never pictured my wedding day. But I knew one thing: never wear a puffy dress with a huge amount of lace. The media personality found the perfect outfit for a wedding abroad and sent to Moscow. She admits that she fell in love with it at first sight. After the celebration, Elena and Yuri, as befits the bride and groom will go on their honeymoon. Now lovers plan, where they will spend the honeymoon. TV presenter prefers active holidays in hot countries.

      “The honeymoon will be. Only where I will not say. I look forward to this time because I like to relax. Each of my rest – a small life. Don’t know a single person who wouldn’t love to relax. I am trying to spend your vacation very actively. In the winter I always ski. And in the summer the last few years surfing. By the way, in Europe I’m on holiday do not go. In my idea of a perfect vacation is when you can wear a swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, flip – flops- and nothing else,” admitted Flying in an interview with Prozvezd.

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