Елена Летучая настойчиво борется с лишним весом The presenter went to the clinic to lose weight. Bat went to Europe, where the Spanish experts developed especially for her personalized program that will help you throw gained during the winter three pounds.

Elena Volatile, many believe perfect beauty. She wears tight dresses and strict suits for men, fans are confident that the stars of the perfect figure. However, Elena herself to herself is very critical.

Bat admitted that over the winter gained the extra pounds and now intends to get rid of them. This TV star flew to Spain, on the Costa Blanca, in a luxurious Wellness center, which is going to lose weight on specially for her designed program. Volatile is determined: in order to feel comfortable, she needed to lose almost three pounds.

“Hello! I flew to Spain for a couple of days at the wellness clinic SHA in order to attain physical and mental well-being. It is a heavenly place to restore health, wellbeing and purification. By the way, I like this place for the first time, so I will be happy to share with you – written Volatile and added to the stories: – the growth 176,5 my weight today of 60.4, and I’m comfortable to be 57-58 kg. Throw down two pounds…”

Clinic note, not cheap. The average duration, and a program of detoxification – cleansing and rejuvenation of the body – the client will cost about 3-5 thousand euros.

Some subscribers suspected Elena in the deception, despite the fact that she posted a video in stories where there is on-the-floor electronic scales. Fans believe that Elena weighs 60 pounds, and more: “What you have 60 kg at growth of 176? Lies! I with the growth of 177 cm and weigh 66 look slimmer”.

But the majority Internet which meets bad supported TV star, expressing her admiration. The others noticed that the star is not necessarily to lose weight. “Helen, you umnichka and beauty. Restored! We really need you!”, “Lena, I think you have a perfect figure!”, “Have a good rest and recovery”.

By the way, last summer, Fugitive “suspected” in pregnancy, the Network began to actively circulate rumors that the 39-year-old presenter and her husband Yuri Anashenkov expecting. Elena denied this information, but conversations do not cease. Fans and then asked the Flying, when she “is going to give birth” than cause resentment not only among stars but also among the other subscribers. “You keep away from person with this issue!”, – they write.