Elena Letuchaya make tremble the capital’s restaurateurs

Елена Летучая заставит трепетать столичных рестораторов TV presenter returns to a popular project. Now it starts to check restaurants and hotels in Moscow. Six months ago, the presenter said that stops working in the program “Revizorro” as the lead.

      Елена Летучая заставит трепетать столичных рестораторов

      In early March, producers of the popular program “Revizorro” announced that Elena Letuchaya will no longer appear as a presenter of the show. Fans were upset with this decision of the leadership of the channel and the celebrities who decided to take a time-out. The most devoted fans did not abandon hope to see your lead on the screen and tried all available means to force the producers of the program to keep Elena in the program. They launched the campaign with the hashtag “verniciature”, but this has not yielded any results.

      At the party of the TV channel “Friday” TV presenter said that she returned to the acclaimed project. However, Bat said that he will now lead a new and unique program. If earlier the crew of the program “Revizorro” checked restaurants and hotels in different cities of Russia, now TV presenter caught Napping by the owners of the establishments in the capital.

      “Today is a special day for my fans and fans of “Revizorro”! I want you all, my dear, to please the news – I’m back! Soon watch the new season of “Revizorro Moscow”, – wrote in his microblog Volatile.

      Needless to say what a storm of delight caused by this news, many fans of the program. They are unable to contain the endless joy that they will now be able to see your favorite presenter in a familiar role. “Hurrah! This is really great news!”, “Finally the day has come!”, “Honestly, I also stopped after Flying to watch “Revizorro” my children ,they love this show, now begin again to look at,” he wrote to fans of Flying.

      After the Bats have left the project, her place was taken by the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. Artist enthusiastically checked eating places throughout Russia, however, the audience was merciless – they are constantly criticized her appearance, manner of work in the frame. Some even complained of Flying that a new host could not be a proper replacement. Elena even had to apologize for some actions of his successor. The new host of “Revizorro”: “compared to Lena Fly, I’m cute!”

      “When I did “Revizorro”, I had a clear Directive: any occasion anyone we his people no harm. If we saw that in a cafe to celebrate – we turn around and leave. I don’t know why Olga did, believe that any occasion to people you can not spoil. Dear Chelyabinsk, I apologize for leading new Olga Romanov, young, green, did not understand what he was doing. Because “Revizorro” still applies to me, I apologize for new leadership”, said Bat.