Elena Letuchaya looking for a successor to the program “Revizorro”

Елена Летучая ищет себе преемника в программу «Ревизорро»

TV presenter, it seems, again leaving the popular show and is already looking for a replacement.

Not so long ago on the TV channel “Friday!” came the new season of “Revizorro,” in which the presenter checks institutions of Moscow. It is recognized that the issues of the program was quite impressive: we honestly did not think that some of the kitchens of the capital’s cafes and restaurants is not as smooth as it seems. We were also hoping that the lead will not leave the show and get, perhaps, to other Russian cities… However, the network appeared the news that the producers are looking for another, and maybe even a lead on this project.

Only this time to the candidate for the role of lead program will have stringent requirements: it must pass a special school Lena Fly!

Moreover, to fight for the lead everyone will broadcast a new talk show “School Revista”, according to the newspaper “life”. It is also reported that the presenter will give his successor not only knowledge of laws of the Russian Federation, but also tell you about all the secrets and intricacies of filming in public places.

Lena Volatile, recall, is “Revista” since February 2014. However, in March this year she announced that marries and leaves the program for other projects. But miss celebrity did not last long. Almost six months later, she returned to the program than fans.

While Olga Romanovskaya, who succeeded Volatile during her absence, decided to continue to conquer the show business and, along with ex-participants of “VIA Gra” Tatyana Kotova and Santa Dimopoulos created the pop group Queens. Read more HERE.