Elena Letuchaya forced to lose weight the star of “Real boys”

Елена Летучая заставила похудеть звезду «Реальных пацанов»
Actress Valentina Mazunina participated in the project “Stroinski”.

Valentina Mazunina

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

The star of “Real boys” Valentina Mazunina took
participation in show of the TV channel “Friday!”, heroes who lose weight on a dispute under
the leadership of TV presenter Elena Fly. Valentina’s rival in the struggle for the victory
prize money and became the member of the Comedy Duo “Bonya and Kuzmich” Julia

For an entire month the girls had
to abandon the usual lifestyle, to adhere to proper nutrition,
specially designed by a team of nutritionists, and actively
sports. To finally say goodbye to the old life and embark on
the path of weight loss, Mazunino even had to resort to extreme measures to crush
refrigerator with a bulldozer.

“I even received
some kicks, starting to feel slim and graceful. But I
always wanted, I even dreamed about food all night sometimes,” says

By the way, a few weeks later
the actress was even ready to abandon the show and give the victory
opponent. But still, the desire to get rid of extra pounds and win
victory over the opponent was stronger.