Elena Letuchaya arrange a surprise for her husband on Valentine’s Day

Елена Летучая устроит мужу сюрприз в День влюбленных
The TV presenter told how to celebrate February 14.

Elena Flying with her husband Yuri Analogovym


This holiday is Flying for Elena and her husband were special, because February 14, two years ago Yuri Anashenkov made on?

“Usually all the events we celebrate our big family, because it is a great way to gather precious people together, — said Elena 7days.ru. But Valentine’s Day — just the two of us. I’ll give my husband a big dinner. I love to cook, and although she seldom eat meat, especially for my husband even went on courses and learned to cook his favorite steak. We love to give each other gifts for no reason. This I dad taught, in childhood. Life is short, and without such surprises, and it would quickly become a routine. Usually we buy each other practical things: Bicycle, gym membership. For example, I wanted to learn to play the piano, and George gave it to me. But on Valentine’s Day gifts will be small, more symbolic. We’ll spend the evening together.”